Our Services

Our extensive capacity and experience enable us to offer you a complete service from start to finish. We offer wide range to services including complete renovation, construction from ground up, kitchen and bathroom installations, PVC windows and doors orders and installations. Felix Villa Construction provides all services to meet your building needs. Our experience in this industry provides us the opportunity to handle projects of every magnitude. With us you don’t have to worry. You are in safe hands.

Engineering Design

We have in-house design team has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the product and tooling design process. We can offer clients advice on materials, the most efficient construction techniques, tool durability and performance. We also advise clients on the most cost effective method of manufacturing. We like to help our customers' products to be better, and to help our customers succeed.

CNC Lathing-Milling

Precision Mold & Machining Services uses the latest in CNC machine technology, CAD/CAM software and high performance cutting tools to deliver superior quality with rapid turn around times. We specialize in unattended machining allowing us to have just one shift to program your job while the machines run 24 hours a day. This allows us to both keep your cost down and deliver the quickest possible turn around times.

EDM Drilling

EDM or electrical discharge machining allows for the machining of features that are not possible to machine with conventional methods. With EDM we are able to create a sharp corner where a conventional milling machine would leave a radius. EDM also makes it possible to machine deep slots and ribs and also small fine details with precision of .0002" or less.

Mold Making

We have in-house mold teams who has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the product and tooling design process. From design and R&D, through prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, Our quality inspection team will make a production plan for each project. These plans will be followed closely by our supervising quality engineers during production.

Plastics Injection

Plastic injection molding gives low cost at moderate to large amounts. This strategy for making plastic parts is an extremely versatile process for producing a wide range of parts with an excellent finish. Any 2D or 3D shape can be accomplished. However draft is required as a rule, as the shape must permit launch from the mold.
Running 24 hours a day, our 10 injection molding machines run single or multiple cavity and conventional or hot runner molds. Our machines range from 39 to 500 tons and our customers can choose the molding environment that best suits their requirement.

Assembly & Packaging

China can offer enough labor for a few times lower than in the rest of Europe, Our Production can be the right solution because we can provide a full range of services, Tool Workshop or Plastic Injection, Decoration or Assembly, our clients can be convinced of the experience and professionalism of a worthy partner assuring a complete production process, of high quality standards and prices agreed on by our clients.