3 Key Considerations for Injection Molding Manufacturers
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Injection molding is a manufacturing technique to make parts in bulk volume. Injection moulding manufacturers generally use this molding process where an identical part is to be created thousands or even millions of times in chain.

Why Injection Molding?

The principal benefit of injection molding is the capability to scale manufacturing in mass. Once the initial expenditure has been paid per unit price during injection molding production is extremely low. The price also tends to drop significantly as more parts are manufactured.

plastics mold

Some Considerations for Injection Molding

Before you put an effort to manufacture a part as a plastics mold supplier, you need to consider the following things:


1 – Entry Cost

Preparing an item for injection molding manufacturing requires a large initial outlay. Make sure you grasp this critical point upfront.

2 – Production Quantity

Determine the quantity of parts manufactured at which injection molding comes out as the most cost-efficient technique of manufacturing.

Determine the quantity of parts manufactured at which you expect to reach the breakeven point on your investment (consider the costs of assembly, testing, design, production, marketing, distribution as well as the forecasted price point for sales). Build on the conservative margin.


1 – Component Design

You desire to design the component from day one with injection molding in mind. Minimizing the number of components and simplifying the geometry will provide you benefits down the road.

2 – Tool Design

Make sure to start designing tool from day one for preventing defects during manufacturing. Consider gate locations and run simulations through mold flow software, e.g. Solidworks Plastics.


1 – Cycle Time

Reduce cycle time in as much as possible. Using types of machinery with hot runner technology will aid together with well-thought-out tooling. Minor changes can make a significant difference and slashing a few seconds from your cycle time can translate into significant cost-cutting when you are manufacturing millions of components.

2 – Assembly

Design your component to minimize assembly. Much of the reason injection molding is used in Southeast Asia is the cost of assembling non-complex parts during a single run of injection molding. The maximum that you can design assembly out of the method you will cut significant money on the labor cost.

Sometimes significant components cannot be made through injection molding as ‘one’ piece. Although the equipment exists to mold extra-large pieces, using the machinery and technology can be expensive. Therefore, products that are larger than the usual injection molding machine’s ability are generally produced in multiple pieces.

Wrap Up

Injection molding is a revolutionary technology for the finished product on a large scale. It is useful for confirmed prototypes that are utilized for product testing. However, 3D printing is more affordable in the early phases of design.