Crucial Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Custom Plastics Mold Supplier

When you are preparing to start your injection molding process, one of the most important decisions you have to make is which mould tool making company to order from. You partner should be able to fulfil all your demands and meet all deadlines keeping a reasonable price and quality in consideration. Therefore, if you really want to find out which injection moulding manufacturers are the best for your business, first ask them the following questions.

1. Can you maintain production output to meet my annual demand?

Once you get into the business, time will become a crucial element that you can’t ignore. All your orders will revolve around specific deadlines, and if your supplier is unable to maintain an adequate output to satisfy your demands, then I’m afraid you’ll naturally start losing potential clients. Therefore, make sure your supplier adds a time clause in your agreement. That way, your liability will always be secure. If they refuse to add such a term, you should walk down to the next plastics mold supplier on your list.

2. Who have you supplied to in the past?

Some injection moulding manufacturers may feel offended by such a question. However, in order to stay on the safe side, you have to get your hands on their clientele list. In order to be sure that you are in talks with the best manufacturer, a background check is essential. With the list, you can contact their past clients and ask them questions regarding the services and behaviour of the supplier. Your last question before saying goodbye should be, “would you ever consider working with this supplier in the future?” The answer should pretty much convince you on your final decision.

3. Are you a certified supplier?

As new businesses are being started every now and then, many of them don’t even have proper certification or legal documentation to operate. If you really wish to go a long way with your company, you have to make sure that the supplier is a legal entity and they have all the certification to operate within this industry. Working with illegal or non-compliant companies will not only give you the risk of getting poor quality products but can also land you behind bars with a hefty fine.

Wrap Up

Though there are many more question you may ask a potential manufacturer, the ones mentioned above are enough to convince you to continue further talks. If the answers to these questions aren’t positive, you should simply contact the next supplier you have on your list and ask them the same questions. By following this technique, you’ll eventually find a business good enough for you to work with.