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Dongguan Quan Hao Plastic Injection Mold Co. LTD welcomes you to have a walkthrough of our services and our premises where we can offer you mold and plastic injection solutions. As successful custom plastics mold manufacturers, we have been working enthusiastically in this industry for over 15 years. Over the years our clients have always shown that they are fully satisfied form our products and services.

As injection molding manufacturers, we have always shown efficiency in our work in reducing our prices and still maintaining the quality of our products. Our dedication to meet deadlines is a plus point that you can experience while doing business with us. In addition, our representatives which include engineers, labor, support staff as well as high management personals, are all determined to build long-term relations with future clients to make sure that no one ever has a complaint regarding any of our services.

Dongguan Quan Hao Plastic Injection Mold Co. LTD operates through a plant that is spread over 2000 square meters. As dedicated injection molding manufacturers, we make sure that our services and products are produced with bottom-line costs and excellent quality. Feel free to go through our website to see all our products and services. In addition, you can also take a look at what our plant looks like and where we will work on your order. Apart from that, you can also contact us for any further queries regarding our experience and organization. Give us a call or fill in the contact us form now to get your quote from our specialized team today.


What We Do?

We Offer Professional Plastic
Manufacturing Solution


Product Designing

A good design is only a portion of your mold tool making; there is a lot more to it then you think. To make the process complete, we have a great team of qualified engineers for custom plastics mold. In addition, we are trusted custom plastics mold manufacturers as we are open to designs from our clients as well. The software we use to initiate our work are UG, Pro/E, Solid Works, and CAD.

Mold Tool Making

As injection plastic parts manufacturers, we also produce die-casting molds and silicone rubber molds. In addition, our company is a reputed plastics mold supplier known for using a simplified and optimized process to provide high-quality solutions for their clients.


Custom Plastic Mold Products

With injection machines over 35 sets that have a capacity from 58T-600T, we ensure that we produce maximum output that also goes under a quality check. We satisfy our global clients with the best value, and we make sure that our services are of high quality to maintain our clientele. Currently, we are well-known injection plastic parts manufacturers who supply their products in USA, Denmark, Germany, and Italy.

Pad Printing & Oil Spraying & Assembles

We offer a full range of services such as pad printing, oil spraying and workshop assemblies assuring a complete production process. These services ensure excellent quality when assembling your plastic products while providing reduced cost and workforce.


We guarantee all products 100% inspected before shippment .

Quan Hao is your full-service partner of small to large products with engineering support, superior customer services, whole solution from mold design, mold making, rapid prototype, precision injection molding and quality control. Our company keeps promotign quality of products to satisfy cutomer's demands. We guarantee all parts 100% inspected before shippment and if you find any quality problem, we promise to replace good ones free of charge. Choose us,we believe that our price and our quality will give an edge over your competitors. Quan hao has been always seeking for partners, not just customers.Together we are stronger.

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